106 Cole Ave, Southbridge, MA 01550


Southbridge, MA
Built in 1964

This one comes straight to us from the homeowners @jessquinnrochefort who had to make the tough decision to sell after being relocated for work and starting a family this year.

This gorgeous concrete and glass home was designed by New England based architect Donald Jasinski based on designs for earth homes. It was originally built for a local doctor who sold it to the Thompson family after living in it for less than a year when he had to move for work. Jess and her husband purchased the home from the Thompson family in 2016 and inherited a lot of unfortunate 90s updates and renovations with it. They’ve worked hard to bring this home back to life with modern updates that still leave the original character intact. They’re sad to let it go but are hoping they can find a new owner who will love and appreciate it like they have!


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