Indiana real estate round-up | October 21, 2018

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Lake Monster in Portage
5 bed / 4 bath

Welcome home to your complex. I hope the indoor pool, sauna, and movie theater help you to forget that your home is 1,093.4% more expensive than the median home for the zip code. Oh look and it’s only a 45 minute commute to downtown Chicago! ❤️

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Lots of land in Versailles
3 bed / 2 bath

Some bold choices have been made in this home but you’re on 5 acres so it all evens out. Zoned for a local business and includes a vacant lot. Sharon, could you meet me at the velvet wet bar for our 2 o’clock?

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Foreclosure in Hobart
2 bed / 1 bath

Lots of work needs to be done but the space has potential, or what the seller calls “opportunity”.

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Brown County border in Nashville
2 bed / 2 bath

The large lot theme continues. Sitting on just over 3 acres is a cute little number in the woods. The home needs some layout updates and some floors but not too bad for the price.

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