Midwest real estate round-up | November 11, 2018

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5 car garage in Battle Creek, Michigan
4 bed / 3 bath

Hi, goodbye, I’m moving to Michigan for this house! On the market from the original owners, this house is a great price for what you get (but a little high for the neighborhood). 4 acres, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 5 car garage, and all with great details including terrazzo floors throughout, exposed brick, and the most interesting hexagon shaped main living area.

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The best kitchen in Wheaton, Illinois
4 bed / 3 bath

Gorgeous, light-filled, open home with a great deck. And you have to love a listing that posts a photo of the inside of a kitchen cabinet. But $$$$.

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Koi pond in Bloomington, Indiana
3 bed / 3.5 bath

A nearly 2.5 acre lot in the woods covered with landscaping and water features. CUTE.

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Affordable in Indianapolis, Indiana
3 bed / 2 bath

Exposed brick and lots of potential! Fingers crossed that there are hardwood floors under all that carpet.

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via Zillow

800 square feet in Marthasville, Missouri
1 bed / 1 bath

We’ve got a compact vacation station on our hands. This tiny a-frame cabin sits on 3.5 acres and comes fully furnished.


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