Indiana real estate round-up | October 14, 2018

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Light and bright home in Munster
3 bed / 1 bath

The current owners don’t do much to show off the architecture of this space but if you can look through the oversized furniture and the plastic tablecloth, you can see that this home still has a lot of its original features including kitchen appliances, bedroom built-ins, and light fixtures throughout.

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No such thing as too many water features in Dyer
4 bed / 3 bath

Okay, this list has really gone off course here but I couldn’t let this house just float away into the ether of the internet. It has what seems to be a ginormous wood paneled, carpeted master bathroom with a sunken tub guarded by a golden pig and AN INDOOR ?!?POND?!? WITH A LOFT, FIREPLACE, AND BRIDGE?! I’m afraid the water features have leaked into the structure of the home and maybe the brains of the homeowners too. You’ll need to click through every photo twice to get the full experience.

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Sun room dreams in Kokomo
2 bed / 3 bath

There’s a real dedication to carpet that you have to admire in this home. It looks like the layout might be funky but it could be a gorgeous space with a little work.

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Over 10 acres in Michigan City
2 bed / 2 bath

This home needs updated but it already has a pretty open living space and it sits on over 10 acres. You would think that’s all you need but wait, there’s more: don’t miss the old basketball hoop mounted to the big red outbuilding right past the pond that makes this a true Indiana country dream home.



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