Small but mighty half bath

The layout of the home has generally stayed the same but locations of rooms have moved around a bit. The laundry room was much too large so we decided to move the washer and dryer into the utility room and upgrade the former laundry space into a half bath. The original location of the home’s half bath was strange so it will be torn out and repurposed as a kitchen pantry. By adding a half bath where we did, we had to remove a door to the backyard so before beginning the half bath project, we added a new door from the garage to the backyard instead. From start to finish, this project took about a year which includes a whole lot of plumbing, building a custom vanity for the space, as well as working on the master bath at the same time.

The new location of the half bath makes so much more sense for the layout of the house. It is still right off the kitchen but tucked back a little and right off the future mud room and garage door.


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