5 affordable hand towels for your bathroom

Finding the right hand towels for our bathrooms was always a daunting task for me. So daunting, in fact, that I decided to use the same Turkish towels in our half bath, our main bath, AND our master bathroom. I can’t handle making the decision more than once. But! We get a lot of questions about the ones we chose so I decided to brave the vast and open internet to find a few others that I wouldn’t mind hanging in our home.



Turkish hand towels from Amazon - $22.90 for a set of 4

These are what we currently use in all of our bathrooms but in a different color. We really do love them that much.



Simple white textured towel from JCPenney - on sale for $3.19 a piece



Striped fringe towel from CB2 - $6.95 a piece



Bold stripe towel from H&M - $6.99 a piece



Towels as a pop of color from Ikea - $3.99 a piece


+ a splurge

Bright pattern towel from Zara Home - $19.90 a piece



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